What is Entity Service and how dose creating an Identity entity so helpful for SEO ?

Are you looking to make your website more visible online? Ready to take your website to the next level with entity service? We’re talking about boosting your website’s presence in SERP. 

In traditional SEO, the main goal is to rank for specific words or phrases people search for. But nowadays, search engines like Google are getting smarter. Besides keywords; they want to know the relationships between different things and ideas; these are called entities. 

Now, let’s learn why you need to use 247 Entity Service for your website!

What is Google Entity Stacking ?

Google Entity Stacking constitutes an advanced SEO methodology designed to amplify the digital footprint and authoritative standing of a distinct entity or website through orchestrated deployment across diverse online platforms and domains. In essence, this strategy harnesses the concept of entities—specific, identifiable objects such as individuals, organizations, products, locales, or events—and strategically integrates their presence across a spectrum of high-authority websites.

The modus operandi involves meticulous creation and optimization of profiles, pages, and content pertinent to the targeted entity on renowned platforms like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and other reputable digital arenas. By carefully interlinking these assets and ensuring their alignment with pertinent keywords and information, practitioners aim to bolster the perceived significance and prominence of the entity within the algorithmic parameters of search engines, particularly Google.

Implementation entails:

  • Crafting detailed, authoritative profiles/pages on each platform, meticulously tailored to reflect the entity’s core attributes and strategic keywords.
  • Establishing a network of cross-referenced links between these profiles/pages to fortify the entity’s digital authority and enhance its search engine visibility.
  • Regularly updating and maintaining these digital assets to sustain relevance and currency in the evolving online landscape.

The strategic deployment of Google Entity Stacking promises manifold benefits, including enhanced search engine rankings for both the entity itself and associated content, effective narrative control, and augmented online presence and credibility. By leveraging the interconnected nature of online information, this approach exemplifies proactive SEO practices aimed at achieving substantive digital prominence and influence.

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What’s An Entity Service?

What's An Entity Service


An Entity service is an SEO method designed to boost a website’s strength and visibility by creating links from reputable websites to yours. These links are shared across:

  • Social media platforms
  • Forums
  • Networks
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Almost Google Platform like: GG Sheet, GG Doc, GG Form….

The main goal is to build a high-quality backlinks network and enhance your website’s trust rate. Hence, it can climb the search engine rankings faster than your competitors. 

This entity-based SEO service is helpful for those new to SEO who want to achieve results efficiently. We believe you can fully benefit from this technique by working with entity SEO experts.

And ofcourse, entity SEO is a white-hat SEO technique that follows search engines’ ethical guidelines and best practices. There’s no doubt that it’s a safe and sustainable method for improving a website’s SEO performance without risking any penalties.


When Should You Use An Entity Service?

When Should You Use An Entity Service

At this point, you are probably wondering whether you need this service. The answer is yes if you are experiencing one (or several) of the following problems:

You Have A New Website

Just like getting a business license, a website needs to be registered and verified to be recognized by search engines; this helps establish your website’s credibility.

An Entity service creates links from popular google platforms, forums, networks, profiles, and Web 2.0 sites. 

These links act like endorsements, showing search engines that your website is trustworthy. Our service also uses platforms owned by Google, which helps even more in verifying your website.

With these high-quality Google SEO backlinks and platforms, your new website gets recognized as credible. This way, it’ll have better rankings in SERPs.

Your Website Is Lacking Trust Rate

A low trust rate is a serious issue. It can mean you have: 

  • poor-quality backlinks
  • few referring domains
  • or even penalties from Google. 

These issues can severely impact your website’s performance.

Don’t worry! An entity SEO service can help address these problems. It builds good backlinks from reputable sources (popular platforms, forums, networks, etc). 

It’ll improve your website’s credibility and trust rate in the eyes of search engines. It also increases website indexes such as DA, DR, UR, TF, PA, and CF.


One Entity Package is considered as the foundation in SEO, it will help you increase recognition in the eyes of Google very well.

Your Website Is Penalized For Over-Optimizing SEO Keywords

Over-optimizing means you use too many keywords, which can lead to penalties from search engines like Google. These penalties can lower your website’s ranking.

An entity SEO service can reduce these penalties by changing your SEO backlink strategy. 

Instead of using too many keywords, it focuses on high-quality backlinks with branded ones and clean URLs. This approach is more natural and follows search engine rules.

As a result, it’ll reduce the impact of previous penalties and improve your website’s ranking over time.

You Want Your Website to Be On Top Of SERPs

And of course, the ultimate goal of any website owner is to make their website on top of SERPs. If you have spent time and money but haven’t succeeded, this service is your lifesaver by:

  • creates high-quality backlinks
  • verifies your website as a credible entity
  • uses branded keywords and clean URLs, etc. 

It improves your chances of reaching the top of search results. This way, you’ll get more visitors, increased traffic, and better online success for your website. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to use entity service. We’ll analyze in detail how this service improves and helps your website be on top of SERP in the next section.


What You’ll Get When Using Entity Service?

Now, let’s look closer at what an entity SEO service can do and whether it’s worth it!

Enhanced Brand

In short, an entity service can boost your brand by making it more visible and trusted online. 

When your brand and website appear on many major platforms, it boosts your brand’s reach. It tells Google that your brand is essential and should be at the top of search results.

Building a strong brand is crucial for gaining customer trust and loyalty. Entity stacking, part of entity SEO, helps create a clear brand image. It also strengthens how people see your business online. 

By placing your brand in trustworthy positions on SERPs, customers feel more confident about using your products and services. It reinforces its reliability and encourages customers to choose your offerings.

Enhanced Visibility

Entities in SEO refer to Name of brand (company, peolple…), places, or things unique. Search Engines now aim to understand the relationships between these entities and their attributes rather than merely matching keywords. 

Here’s how entity SEO enhances visibility:

  • Better understanding

By focusing on entities, SEO can create content that matches what people are looking for more accurately. For example, instead of just aiming for “best pizza,” entity SEO might focus on “popular pizzerias in [city].”

  • Showing up in rich results

Search engines show Knowledge Graph panels or featured snippets. Entity SEO helps websites appear in these results more often by using structured data that search engines like Google can easily understand.

  • Matching what people want

Understanding entities means that SEO can create content that answers what people need. So, it’s more likely that people will click on your website when they see it in search results.

  • Using semantic keywords

Entity SEO also helps target longer, more specific keywords related to entities and their details. These keywords may have less competition, which can lead to more visits to your website.

Better UX

Entity SEO ensures your website provides helpful info that matches what users are looking for. By knowing what users need and enhancing your content, visitors can find answers quickly and stay engaged longer.

Besides, entity SEO organizes your website so it’s easy for users to find what they want; this includes clear menus, simple links, and a structure that makes sense. Users are more likely to explore your site further when navigation is straightforward.

Avoid Penalties From Google

As we said, an entity SEO service helps your website stay in Google’s good graces. It protects your ranking and keeps your site visible in search results (vital for long-term success online). Here’s how it works:

  • Quality backlinks

Entity SEO focuses on getting good backlinks from trustworthy websites. These links come naturally from creating valuable content and building relationships; this is better than trying to cheat with fake links or spam.

  • Natural entity link-building

Entity SEO encourages natural link-building instead of joining link schemes. 

Natural link building is creating compelling content that attracts organic links from other websites. Google views this as a positive signal of your site’s authority and relevance.

  • Avoiding keyword overuse

Entity SEO uses keywords in a natural way that fits with the content. It also prevents penalties for stuffing too many keywords into your text, which can affect your rankings.

  • Monitoring and adapting

An effective entity service keeps an eye on how your website is doing and makes changes if needed. This way, it’ll catch problems early, like drops in rankings because of Google updates.

Yet, this task needs to be done carefully and with a detailed plan to help optimize the brand power of the website. 

So, choose a reputable provider to ensure website branding takes place properly and does not negatively affect your website


247 Team Provides The Best Entity Service!

247 Entity Service
247 Entity Service

Choosing 247 Team means partnering with a leader in entity SEO services who’s committed to delivering the best results. 

Whether you want to improve your SEO, build online authority, or streamline your digital marketing efforts, 247 supports your business growth effectively. Here’s what makes us outstanding:

  • Expert team and modern tools

247 has a skilled team with the latest tools. We’ll strengthen your website’s credibility with high-quality backlinks from trusted sites. Our experts know SEO well and use this knowledge to boost your online presence.

  • High-quality backlink social entity

Our service promises excellent backlinks from top platforms. These links boost your business’s trust and visibility to users and search engines.

  • Pro guidance and support

We’re more than just an entity SEO service provider; we’re your trustworthy partners. 247’s support team will help you choose the right service package for your business. We guarantee a successful backlink SEO entity strategy.

  • Reliable reports

We provide reports on your SEO campaign’s progress. This data helps you assess results and adjust plans for maximum SEO performance.

With us, you can save time and focus on other vital aspects of your business while we handle your SEO needs. You’ll increase your online presence and save costs than dealing with backlinks on your own.

247 Entity Service Commitment

When you choose 247 Entity SEO Service, you’re getting a complete package that offers several benefits to help your business online:

  • Established brand recognition: We ensure your business gains credibility among users and search engines by securing top-notch backlinks from trusted sources.
  • Increased trust: We’ll boost website strength indicators such as DA, PA, TF, CF, DR, UR,… to restore page rankings faster in case of a penalty or a competitor.
  • Ethical backlinks: We only use ethical methods to get links for your site. We follow the rules set by search engines; this means your growth is safe and won’t get penalized.
  • Faster indexing: 247 helps your web pages get noticed and included in search results faster and more efficiently. Hence, more people can find your site through search engines.
  • Long-term competitiveness: It’s not just about reaching the top of SERPs; it’s about staying here. 247’s strategies will keep your business at the top even as changes. We focus on search engine changes and adjust your strategy to keep you ahead.

In short, 247 Entity SEO Service gives the best way to improve your online presence. We help build your brand’s authority, increase trust with quality links, improve visibility, and keep you competitive.


Services Included When Using 247 Entity SEO Package

When you choose 247 Entity SEO Service, you’re getting a package of services to boost your online presence. 

#1. Building Social Profiles

We create profiles for your business on about 200 platforms; this helps you reach more people and engage with them across various social networks.

#2. Google Maps & Google Business Setup

We set up your business on Google Maps so users can find you easily. Google Business helps manage how your business appears in Google Search and Maps. So it’ll be convenient for local users to find your services.

#3. Schema Markup

We add schema markup to your website to help search engines know your content better, which can lead to your site appearing in more relevant searches and gaining more visibility.

#4. Synchronization of Brand Info

We ensure all your business’s details are consistent across platforms (your logo, banners, hashtags, and links to profiles). Consistent branding makes it easier for customers to find and trust your brand.

#5. Social Indexing & Blog 2.0 Promotion

We’ll promote your profiles and blog content to ensure they get noticed. This step drives more traffic to your website and improves your overall presence

247 Team is a Seo Marketing team that launched the first global Entity service since 2015. With experience in deploying for more than 8,300 global websites, 247 Team is the team with the most standard Entity deployment method in the current market with a list of socials that are always updated with the latest news!!!


247 Entity Service Processing Process

247 Entity Service follows a process to ensure SEO improvements for clients. For any customer using 247 Entity SEO Service, the steps we take include:

Step 1: Gathering Client Info

First, we collect all the details and needs from the client.

Step 2: Assessing Needs & Agreeing on Services

Next, we carefully review the client’s needs and recommend the appropriate entity service package. They provide a specific cost estimate based on the agreed-upon plan.

Step 3: Submitting Website Info

Clients fill out basic info about their website using a file provided by 247; this ensures that all essential details are captured accurately for further processing.

Step 4: Verifying & Auditing Brand Information

We check and confirm critical details such as:

  • address
  • phone number
  • description
  • email
  • logo
  • banner

This audit ensures that all foundational information is correct before proceeding.

Step 5: Entity Verification

247 then verifies the client’s entity status online. This process confirms the business’s authority and presence across various online platforms and directories.

Step 6: Project Completion & Reporting

Once verification is successful, we complete the project and provide the client with a detailed report. 

This report outlines the results of the entity verification and includes recommendations for maintaining and improving SEO performance.

Step 7: On-Page Error Scan Support

247 offers ongoing support, including assistance with scanning for on-page errors if requested by the client. This way, we’ll identify and fix any technical issues on the website that could impact SEO plans.

Step 8: Support & Commitment

We pledge to swiftly index entity social backlink profiles and provide support. Also, they conduct complimentary on-page error checks alongside advice on link construction to ensure maximum efficiency for your website.

Note: 247 will adjust specific steps to suit the scale and scope of each project. We prioritize your interests and are ready to agree on each step and specific execution schedule in every project.


Notes Before Using Entity Service

Before using an entity service to boost your website’s SEO, it’s vital to consider some key points to ensure it works well and avoids problems:

  • Quality matters most

In SEO, entity stacking (or social entity backlinking) is crucial for making your website more visible. It’s not just about creating many social media profiles and hoping they are on Google. 

What really matters is how good and relevant these profiles are. Having profiles without a clear plan and ensuring they come from trusted social platforms won’t guarantee SEO success. 

Each link should come from respected and related social sites to boost its value and improve your site’s rankings.

  • Focus on being more visible and indexed.

Creating social profiles isn’t enough; they need to be indexed and visible on major search engines like Google; this means using suitable methods to ensure these profiles are in places like Google Search Console. 

Doing this ensures that these backlinks help your SEO efforts by making your website more visible online.

  • Choosing the right social platforms

Choosing credible and relevant social media platforms is crucial. Backlinks from well-regarded social sites improve SEO and build trust for your website.

These platforms should match your website’s focus and audience to make the most impact with these backlinks.

  • Focus on quality & relevance.

The quality and relevance of backlinks from social profiles play a role in how trustworthy your website seems to search engines. 

It’s vital to create good backlinks from profiles that are active and respected in their communities. These interactions show search engines that your website is reliable and valuable, which helps it show up higher in search results.

  • Long-term strategy

SEO isn’t just a one-time effort; it’s a continuous process that needs to be monitored and adjusted. Keep up with changes in search engine rules and social media trends. 

Instead of a quick fix, long-term SEO success comes from improving your plans for using social backlinks. Regular updates and adjustments ensure your plans stay effective and follow the latest SEO practices.

  • Building trust & authority

The main goal of using entity services is to build trust and authority for your website. Good backlinks from social profiles are vital to reaching this goal because they show your site’s value to users and search engines.

      . Take care Socials

An Entity package set will not really be effective if we do not take care of it. 247 has selected socials that you can post on, take care of and follow them to increase their strength.

Google Entity Service
The more people talk about you and the more social networks talk about your website, the easier it will be for you to quickly become famous and have a high ranking in any search engine.




How Does Entity SEO Improve My Website’s Search Rankings?

Entit SEO improves your website’s search rankings by using structured data and getting links from trusted sources. 

Structured data helps search engines know your content better to make your site more visible and improve its rankings. 

Trusted links show search engines that your site is reliable, boosting its authority and helping it rank higher.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Entity SEO?

It varies. You might see initial improvements in a few weeks to months, but significant changes often take several months. This delay is because search engines need time to find and understand your new links and structured data.

Is Entity SEO Relevant For All Types Of Websites?

Entity SEO is helpful for most websites, especially those wanting to build authority and trust. It benefits businesses, e-commerce sites, and publishers by improving visibility in search results. 

Can Entity SEO Help With Local SEO?

Yes, entity SEO can boost local SEO efforts. By marking up local business details like addresses and reviews with structured data, your site becomes more relevant for local searches. 

Getting links from local directories and respected local sites also strengthens your site’s local SEO. It’ll rank higher when people search for local services or products.

Wrap Up

247 Entity Service is your go-to solution for boosting your website’s visibility and impact online. We use customized strategies, including structured data and building strong, reliable backlinks. 

We guarantee to help your website gain credibility and rank higher in search results. So, if you’re ready to take your website to the next level, 247 Entity SEO Service is here to make it happen! Contact us now!


Finally, what 247 Team Do and what will you get when buying an Entity Package?

Our Google Entity Stacking Package Since 2015 includes:

Set of 110 or 310 socials (Selected from the list of 1000 socials) stacking together with over 90% identical brand key, phone number, address, company. Then create a schema to add to the homepage header

All Social updated at 12/2023 are ALL INDEXABLE

  • Set of Google Drive products stacking together
  • Set up IFTTT to auto post to some major socials
  • Make first post on some Socials and take post URLs to index
  • Install Search Console for some Web 2.0
  • Tier 2: 100 web 2.0 points to social entities to increase trust for Tier 1
  • Bonus 10 gov links
  • Boost index = sinbyte tool and 30 blogspot

Demo :

https://bit.ly/entity-3tr     3.000.000  ~ 130$  – Deliver in 6 days

https://bit.ly/entity-5tr     5.000.000  ~ 220$  – Deliver in 12 days


Contact 247 Team

FB:       https://www.facebook.com/damtrieuvinh

Zalo:    +84 0966664361

Tele:     @ericding88

Skype:  buonbans




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